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Affiliate Program

Active promotion of our investment proposal would have been impossible without the help of our numerous clients. Many of our partners, who have long been familiar with our capabilities supported our idea of launching the company project and help us to attract first private capital in trust management. Now the management of offers everyone to participate in the affiliate program and get a decent reward for this.

It is quite easy to take advantage of this opportunity. After registering of an account in our project, you can find a unique affiliate link after log in. Using of this link for the registration of new investors is guaranteed to bring you an appropriate reward.

It is a three-tier system of rewards we propose. This means that your direct referral of the first tier after the making of the deposit will bring you a 4% affiliate commission.

In case your direct referral is also active and shares his affiliate link with other people in order to attract investors, all his referrals will be your second level referrals. Once someone of them makes a deposit you get a commission of 2%.

Finally, if the second level referral will attract new investors, they will be your referrals of third level. Affiliate commission of third level is 1%.

Accrued affiliate commission can be used at your discretion. If this amount is sufficient to make a deposit, you can invest it. You can also withdraw it as a regular profit.

To take a part in affiliate program of you only should register, you can even not have your own deposit to attract investors and earn extra. This is the best way to test all the advantages of the company and tell about us to your friends.

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  • 4% - first level
  • 2% - second level
  • 1% - third level
  • 10% - first level
  • 2% - second level
  • 1% - third level
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